Friday, April 23, 2010

Home Alone

Who wouldn't trust this baby to be left in Princeton without Mom and Dad? :) Ellie told us she was ready for a week with us because she wanted a visit with her grandparents all to herself. Nannie, Gung, and Grandma came to Princeton and stayed with Ellie while Phil and I went to Europe. Phil had a conference in Croatia, and we added on a few more days in Slovenia. Ellie loved every minute of her special week with three people who adore her (and spoil her rotten!)

Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Katherine came for a few days to help out. Uncle Jonathan was extra good at spoiling Ellie with her favorite snacks: Mum-Mum rice crackers. Delicious!

Grandma Connie went to swim class with Ellie - this is one of her favorite weekly activities! She loves the water and is starting to learn the basics of blowing bubbles, reaching her arms out in the water, and kicking.

The Waldrons came to visit one day so Ellie could spend time with her Great Aunt Catherine, Great Uncle Pat, and Great Aunt Judy.
Kisses for Grandma Connie all the time!
Gung is BIG fun on the playmat. They like to growl together;)

A very special thank you to Nannie for all the countless hours holding Ellie, singing to her, and playing. You are the best! Phil and I enjoyed our vacation more than we ever thought possible because we knew Ellie was so happy at home with her three grandparents. Thank you for everything!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Ellie's first Easter was a glorious day in Princeton - 70's and sunny with blue skies, just perfect! We went to church together and spent the day with Nannie and Gung. The highlight of Ellie's day was her first taste of lamb for dinner (she loved it, as she loves almost all food so far). A quiet day at home with family was just what we needed.

Nannie and Gung brought Ellie a new baby lamb stuffed animal...and she wanted to share it with Daddy, too!