Friday, January 29, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010: Hangin' in DC

Was it Snowpocalypse or Snowmageddon? We've had so many 12+ inch snowfalls this year it is hard to keep track...but we spent the last weekend of January at Julie and Eric new abode in Great Falls, VA. Using a genetic counseling conference as an excuse, we had grad school reunion as Tricia, her husband Kevin, and Sarah all flew in to DC. On Friday while all the ladies were at the conference, Ellie spent the day with Dad and Uncle Eric.

She did fun things like walk around the lake at the house...
and visited the Air and Space Museum! I'm sure Uncle Eric spent lots of time telling Ellie all about the planes;)
We spent the rest of the weekend snowed in at Julie and Eric's. On Saturday, we ventured out of the house to walk to the waterfalls. Even bundled up in the cold, Ellie loved the walk in the snow. It tuckered her out enough that she fell asleep in the Bjorn for the first time in months right after we took this photo.
Ellie loves being part of the party - this photo is just too funny as she looks like she's part of the conversation with her godmother Julie and me! Ellie really is just one of the girls;)

Before heading back to Princeton on Sunday, we had brunch at JC and Marcela's with Padrino who was visiting from Charlottesville and Mike and Rebecca, too! Sadly, I forgot to take any photos at brunch, but it was a wonderful ending to a very snowy weekend in DC.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Back to Merrimac

We took a quick trip up to Merrimac to visit Grandma Connie and had too much fun with all the Whitings! It was just a few days, but we were so happy to drive up for the weekend.

One of the highlights was having lunch out with everyone at Michael's Harborside. Ellie got to test out her new chair and Grandma kept her amused all through the meal.

Ellie loved hanging out with all the Joneses and Whitings!
And Great-Grandma Dot keeps Ellie cheering: Yay for family visits!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Two of my new favorite pictures of Ellie - she's squealing with excitement for nothing in particular...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Running with Ellie

Ellie and I often go running on the D & R Canal together. There is an entrance to this 30+ mile canal and trail 0.5 miles from our house (one of the biggest bonuses of living in our neighborhood). This is often a regular part of the day, nothing too out of the ordinary. On our run yesterday, we has an especially "warm" January day in the 40's. Much more pleasant than the brutal 15 degrees of a few weeks ago. When she was younger, she would inevitably fall asleep, but now, at 7 months, she is often interested in the sights and sounds around her. I found myself running along, listening to Ellie babble away to herself, "Ma-ma-ma-ha-ha-ha". It struck me as an unbelievably sweet moment: me and my daughter, alone in the woods, running along on a Tuesday afternoon. It made me stop and appreciate the little moments I get to share with her these days. She brings a unique kind of joy to the day with her little voice than I ever could have imagined. About 20 minutes into our run, she stopped babbling. I looked in on her and she was asleep. I have also learned to appreciate the quiet of her sleep, too;) Awake or asleep, she is joy.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Padrino's house: our home away from home

Phil went to a conference in San Diego for four days, so Ellie and I decided to go "home" to Charlottesville for a visit;) We were missing living in the same town as Steve, Dawkins, and Rugby, but we were so happy to see them and had as much fun as we usually do. We were also lucky enough to convince JC, Marcela, and Ema to visit from DC for the weekend. The days flew by as usual between hanging out at home, walks on the trail, and lots of cooking when the babies were asleep. Five adults, two babies, and four dogs = big fun!

Rugby was kind enough to let Ellie share his bed. She is sitting up, but still needs a little extra cushioning to brace her when she wobbles and eventually topples!

On the Rivanna Trail, Ema loved throwing stones into the creek. Ellie watched intently, hoping to learn a thing or two from her godsister;)

Ellie couldn't stop waving her arms and legs in excitement while out on the snowy trail.

Ellie and Ema amidst the stuffed animal wreckage left by Dawkins, Rugby, Wally, and Archie.

Ellie's first cartwheels: it's good to have a godfather who is a professional spotter!

Just before leaving Cville, we had to snap a photo of Padrino and his two goddaughters.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Adventures in consumption

Let's be clear: in many important, lovely, wonderful ways, Ellie is truly Danielle's daughter. First: they're both devastatingly good looking (yes, this is Phil writing). Second: they both sleep like champs. And third: they both love to eat and drink. One of the unexpected pleasures of watching Ellie grow up so far has been teaching her to eat solid foods and to handle the sippy cup. Both have had mixed results (although Ellie, like mom and padrino, loves her veggies), but both have been thoroughly entertaining. So without further adieu, we introduce Ellie's adventures in learning to use her cup...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcoming the new year

We rung in 2010 by spending it with dear friends, both old and new. Our UNC friends have been getting together for over 10 years for New Years, and this year, we hosted the big event in Princeton. There were eleven of us from our Chapel Hill days, Boston days, and beyond (those of you who weren't here were missed!) and a few new friends from Princeton. With an abundance of food, drink, and celebration, we began the 2010 with people we love.

The wonder on Ellie's face says it all: "Happy New Year!"
Tia Tia arrived all the way from London with delicious gifts of wrapping paper for Ellie;)
Ellie and her new friend Isabel, both eying the parrot early in the night.

By the time 2010 arrived, I insisted on a photo: what's a group photo without a picture of RPatts and a cookie monster hat, courtesy of our gag gift exchange?

Happy New Year! We love you guys!