Monday, February 22, 2010

"This is my new friend Wyatt..."

One of my dearest friends in the world, Melissa, came to visit with her husband Hayden and their gorgeous son Wyatt. We were also supposed to have the Hammers visiting as well, but sadly another snow storm closed Newark Airport, BOO! We missed having the Hammers join in the fun, but had a fantastic time being snowed in for a long weekend "staycation".

Wyatt "Big Man" Lindsay

Wyatt is just three weeks older than Ellie, and the two kids kept us laughing the entire weekend. It's amazing how much fun four adults and two kids can have with nothing much to do except sleep, eat, drink, and play around the house. Here they are saying hello to each other:

Neither Wyatt nor Ellie is mobile yet, so they spent the majority of their time together seated on the playmat surrounded by toys. Both of them loved playing with blocks, but each in their own way. Ellie would pick up a block, shake it up and down, maybe bite it...while Wyatt was a little less, gentle and a lot more interested in slamming and banging blocks. They certainly each had their own style of playing!

We did manage to get ourselves out of the house and walk around Princeton for a bit on Saturday when the snow let up. We had lunch at a local brewery got this picture of Mel, Hayden, and Wyatt. Thanks for coming, guys!

Friday, February 19, 2010

"Happy Birthday, Daddy!"

...says Ellie with a high pitched shriek;)

We were lucky enough to celebrate Phil's day as a family with Grandma Connie. On Friday, we spent the afternoon walking around Princeton and had an early dinner out. On Saturday, we went to a local sculpture garden, Grounds for Sculpture, and strolled around in the snow. The highlight of the day was probably the live peacocks that have free range on the grounds. Ellie seemed intermittently intrigued by the birds, but was completely entranced by the fountains. She just loves running water! On Saturday night, Grandma graciously offered to babysit so Phil and I could go out alone. We had an exquisite dinner at a Elements and went to see a movie, too.

Throughout the weekend, Grandma helped Ellie do all kinds of things like playing with blocks, reading books, and of course practicing high fives! Thanks for visiting G'ma Connie!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gung Hay Fat Choy - Happy Year of the Tiger

For Ellie's first Chinese New Year (and Valentine's Day), we celebrated by spending the weekend in NYC with my brother and his girlfriend, Katherine. Earlier in the week, our previously scheduled vacation to Colorado was canceled by yet another snowstorm. Undeterred by this disappointment, we packed ourselves up, and crashed my brother's apartment for two days. On Saturday, the four of us took Ellie to see some culture and went to the Museum of Modern Art. Phil carried Ellie all around MoMA, having very deep conversations about everything from Monet's waterlillies to Orozco's shoebox on the floor. I think she was intrigued by anything with bright colors, but Phil is convinced she has a very discerning eye for art.

On Sunday morning, we headed to Chinatown and ran into a parade. There were dragons dancing in the streets and drums beating all around us. Ellie seemed intrigued by the dragons and unperturbed by the drums.

Our favorite dim sum place was a mob scene, so we went to our family's favorite restaurant instead. The Dong family has been going to Hop Lee for as long as I can remember and the food was delicious as always.

Jonathan and Katherine with Ellie

Only one minor mishap at lunch: after taking this photo, Ellie proceeded to splash her hand into the plate of hot sauce in front of her. Katherine saved the day by swooping in, moving the plate, and grabbing Ellie's hand before she could smear it on her face. Good save, K!
This last video was made especially for Gung: Ellie's first tofu, broccoli, and rice!